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Meet Willie Delwiche

Willie Delwiche has over two decades of experience providing well-grounded perspective on the financial markets and the economy, including 15+ years of pursuing opportunity and managing risk through proprietary tactical ETF portfolios. Willie received a BA in Economics and in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, and an MA in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is a member of the Market Technicians Association and past member of the American Economics Association. Willie is both a Chartered Market Technician and a CFA Charter holder. Commentary from Willie on the economy and financials markets has been featured in national, regional and trade media such as The New York Times, BARRON’S and Kiplinger’s. He has appeared on Fox Business, the Nightly Business Report, and the MoneyLife show. Willie also regularly shares his perspectives via Twitter and other social media outlets.

Here’s What Willie’s Clients Have to Say…

“You’ve been a great resource and always appreciated your straight forward approach. All my clients appreciated it as well.” Dan G.
“I really appreciate your commentary above most out there. I read every piece you write.” Mike B.
“Your research and insights have been invaluable to me while I have been at Baird. At my previous firm, research could not be trusted and was often sub-par so it was such a relief to be at a firm that had excellent research put out by thoughtful people.” Barbara G.
“I have admired your work since joining Baird in 2006 and our clients have benefitted greatly. You will be missed immeasurably.” Rick W.
“I must share that your undergirding of our business from a strategy and analytical standpoint has been truly awesome in the last couple of years, ESPECIALLY in this challenging year. I am forever grateful for your great work and how you have made us so much better!” Mark C.
“I have built my practice around the Weight of the Evidence Research and your approach to the Markets. It is part of my agenda for almost every client Meeting.” Freddy M.
“I always enjoyed your work – especially in times of crisis. It has been a pleasure to row the same boat with you.” Craig K.
“Because of your objective guidance, I’ve been able to better guide clients through some very difficult markets. Most of all you taught the that this business is full of opinions- some right and some wrong- but the real message is learned by listening to the markets. Your consistent, objective, and unemotional approach has made me a much better advisor, and has added a tremendous amount of performance to client portfolios.” Kevin C.
“You have made us better with excellent input for talking points and being a resource for analysis deeper than a white paper.” Robert W.
“Your guidance, counsel and wisdom over the years has made my job easy and has made my clients and family wealthy.” Joe K.
“I wish you nothing but the best. Your experience, analysis, and connections are top notch.” Andy N.


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