A few of the other features:

  • Overall Market Sentiment Reports

    Daily reports with actionable short & intermediate-term information about the markets with focuses on sentiment, breadth and price action.

  • Individual Sector Sentiment

    Sentiment measures on stocks, bonds, commodities, ETF's, currency & more.

  • Updates & Studies on Indicator Extremes

    Updates on indicator extremes & studies focusing on meaningful indicators and themes that are growing in popularity in the media.

  • JC's Exclusive Video Bonus

    JC provides a SentimenTrader walkthrough that provides a step-by-step breakdown on exactly how he incorporates SentimenTrader into his process.

  • Interactive Charts

    Allowing you to easily analyze sentiment data combined with price data.

  • Over 90 Sentiment Indicators & Signals

    Every model and indicator has a fully interactive chart with sentiment-related guides in an easy-to-view format.

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