Mid-Caps & Small-Caps at All-time highs

Who needs large caps?

People don’t want to hear about the S&P Mid-Cap 400. They want to know where the Dow at. Small-Cap 600 Index? No idea what that is. Can we talk about $AAPL? How come it hasn’t been going up? It’s half my portfolio.

These are standard conversations these days. And we have to love that. This is what makes the market awesome. There are indexes all over the globe that people have no idea even exist. Philippines? Thrilla in Manila right? Yup – also making all-time highs. Mexico? All-time highs. Thailand? All-time highs.

Here in the states, Small-Caps and Mid-Caps are doing big things. I think we should pay attention:

1-2-13 small mid and large caps

To me this says a lot about equities as an asset class. The theoretically “riskier” areas like smaller caps and international names are racing higher. China’s been doing their part, as we hoped they would 2 months ago. Same with Japan. Now let’s see if Large Caps in the US can follow through.