Fox Business: Crude Oil and Japan

  • Posted by on November 17th, 2014 at 6:05 pm

Monday afternoon I was over at Fox Business chatting with David Asman about the extreme bearish sentiment levels that we’re currently seeing in the Crude Oil market. I think the key here continues to be the 2011 lows. We would only want to be long above those levels. Below that and I don’t see any reason to be long just yet. That’s what we’re watching in Oil. As far as Japan is concerned, I think this is just another great example of the huge difference between the economy and the stock market. We trade forward looking markets, not lagging economic data. Today Japan announced they are in a recession as their stock market hits new highs with the Yen getting decimated.

Here’s are the two clips. In the second video we also get into what it was like for my family to make certain sacrifices in the early 1960s leaving Cuba to come to the United States in order to give the next generations, including myself, opportunities that we would not have had otherwise. Every day I try and work as hard as I can, otherwise it just feels to me like I’m doing my grandparents a disservice after all of the sacrifices that they’ve made over the years.



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