Happy New Year and Thank You

I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You. We live in a very special time where we can share our thoughts on the market at any point in a number of different ways. So thank you to everyone out there all over the world for sharing and participating in each of our streams and feeds. As a technician I focus my attention on what other people in my space are looking at. The Alphatrends, Chris Kimbles and Greg Harmons of the world are constantly out there publishing their brilliant opinions. And those are just a few of the outstanding market participants that we can learn from on a daily basis.

Thanks to the Stocktwits community, we have some relatively new comers to our stream like Mark Arbeter from S&P and most recently Ari Wald from PriceRidge, both Chartered Market Technicians that I respect very much. We are so lucky to have guys like these sharing their charts and opinions, and it’s only going to get better. We’re only going to have more, smarter, more creative minds joining our community, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming.

I try my best to play a small role in the stream and try to give back at least a little bit. I’m selfish in that I benefit from our community much much more than I will ever be able to share. Thank you everyone for reading, and thanks for all of the positive feedback. You guys are awesome. Here is a list of some of my posts that got a little bit extra attention throughout the year. Thanks and Happy New Year.

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