The Financial Blogosphere: Technicals

If you’re reading this blog, there is a pretty high likelihood that you read other blogs as well. There’s a tremendous amount of value throughout the Financial Blogosphere and this is something that I’ve really tried to take advantage of for many years. But you’d be surprised as to how many people out there are still unaware of the brilliant minds publishing their thoughts on a daily basis. And there’s no filter either – that’s the best part. As bloggers, we don’t have to worry about what corporate higher-ups think, or having to repeat the same garbage over and over again just because that’s what we’re told drives traffic to sell advertising. We get to say and write whatever we want. That’s why it’s awesome. No ulterior motives.

Because of the great analytics tools at our disposal, I can see everyone who comes to read the blog, what city they come from around world, and sometimes even what company they work for. So I know for a fact that visitors to Allstarcharts come from over 200 different countries, most major financial institutions, many large corporations, hedge funds, Universities and Government agencies. Readers really come from all walks of life. And to me, that’s cool.

I get asked all the time to recommend a list of financial blogs for new comers to the blogosphere. Obviously I steer everyone towards my favorite technical blogs. That’s just how I roll. But there’s never been a go to place that has all of the best ones.

Which brings me to one of the greatest lists ever assembled. Josh Brown, a good friend of mine and author of the Reformedbroker blog just came out with his guide to the financial web. He goes category by category sharing his personal list of financial blogs. And I’m happy to report that his first section is dedicated to Technical Analysis. Well done JB.

So without further ado:


The Deadly Venoms: Traders, Technicians and Disciples of the Guild of Charts

Market Montage
All Star Charts
The Armo Trader
Dynamic Hedge
Downtown Trader
Kimble Charting Solutions

Zikomo Letter

Price Action Lab

Dr. J Blog (OptionMonster)
Peter Brandt

High Chart Patterns
Derek Hernquist

Upside Trader

The Kirk Report
Slope of Hope

Dragonfly Capital
Joe Fahmy
Risk Reversal
Vix and More
Bill Cara

Quantifiable Edges
Afraid To Trade
Condor Options
Surfview Capital
SMB Capital
Dynamic Hedge
Andrew Thrasher
Dragonfly Capital
Mercenary Trader
Investing With Options
The Trend Rida
Crosshairs Trader
Ivanhoff Capital
Chicago Sean
Bigger Capital


Make sure you check out the rest of the categories. This is an excellent list:

Enter The Financial Blogosphere (Reformedbroker)