Technology is Awesome

It’s Thursday November 1st at 5 o’clock.

I’m on a flight right now from New York to Miami with tickets to the Hurricanes vs Virginia Tech game tonight. That’s cool. But what’s even cooler is how I got to this point. I made zero phone calls. Just pressed a few buttons on some brilliant applications and my phone took care of the rest.

A little bit after 2 o’clock today, I logged on to my Uber App for the first time since opening the account. I dropped a pin on a map that is built into the application that shows the closest driver to where I’m located. I immediately get a pop up as well as a text message telling me the driver will arrive in 6 minutes. Not 5, not 7, but 6 minutes. And approximately 6 minutes later, the guy calls me and also texts me that he’s outside. When we arrive at the airport, there is no signing of anything or payment of any kind. Nope, just a simple, “thank you sir, you will receive an email with your receipt”. And I ask him, “that’s it?”. “That’s it”, he says.

I got to LaGuardia at 2:50. I go up to the counter and asked the lady if I can get on the 3:50 flight to Miami. My original flight was at 6:50. She presses some buttons and says, “yes sir I have a confirmed seat for you on the 3:50. Beautiful. So I immediately get on my StubHub app. Mind you, this is now 10 minutes before boarding and I still haven’t gone through security. So while walking through everything, I basically pressed 4-5 buttons and had tickets to Miami/Virginia Tech tonight bought and emailed to me.

Now I’m walking into the plane and sitting down just before take off. You never know if the Wi-fi up in the air will work and I still had to send the tickets to someone to print for me. So upload the pdf to my trusty Dropbox app. My family and I share one account so we can share photos and different documents that we need to send back and forth. So my sister logs on and prints them out. Now I’m on a plane (with wi-fi) to Miami, with tickets, and a ride waiting for me at the airport.

That’s technology right there.

During Stocktoberfest I got to meet the guys behind companies like Blayze, Videolicious, and RebelMouse. There’s some incredible stuff out there. And I’m happy to learn and start using them.

New York is a mess right now. My heart goes out to all the families out there hurting because of all this. It’s probably best that people get out of new york city for right now if you don’t need to be there. I’ll be back next week when things have calmed down.