A Great Day on Stocktwits

Trading floors don’t exist anymore. I don’t care what you see on TV. I’ve been to all of them and there’s no one there. The few people left are playing on their iPhones showing others how funny their recent tweet was or watching youtube videos about leprechauns. There’s no such thing as looking at your competition in the eye to see what’s going on. The camaraderie that comes along with hanging out with traders all day is also lost. The joking around and trading idea sharing is history.

That’s where Stocktwits comes in. The new trading floor, if you will. You can filter to see just who and what you want. And if you don’t like something or someone, ignoring is made simple. There’s no “block” button in real life unfortunately, but very easy to do on Stocktwits. Over the years I’ve met some brilliant and very cool people on the stream that I’ve later hung out with in the real world. It’s pretty awesome.

Thursday was a busy one for me. Much more tweet-filled than usual I think. So rather than writing a post about something I’m seeing out there, here’s a summary of what we were discussing throughout the day:

 1-17-13 tweet 1text1-17-13 Tweet 1

1-17-13 tweet harmon text1-17-13 tweet harmon

 1-17-13 tweet 21-17-13 tweet cat

1-17-13 tweet seema1-17-13 tweet 3 text1-17-13 tweet 3

1-17-13 tweet 4

1-17-13 tweet 5 text1-17-13 tweet 5

1-17-13 tweet 6

1-17-13 tweet 7text

1-17-13 tweet 71-17-13 tweet terranova

1-17-13 tweet 8text 1-17-13 tweet 8

1-17-13 tweet 9

1-17-13 tweet carson

1-17-13 tweet 11

1-17-13 tweet 12

1-17-13 tweet 13


Another one in the books…

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