I’m a Technician

To me, Technical Analysis is a study of the behavior of the markets and market participants. This is as opposed to spending time worrying about all of the goods and the services that a particular market deals with. The way we look at it, if the only thing that’s going to pay us is price, then we should probably focus the majority of our attention on it.

Howard Lindzon was nice enough to invite me out to beautiful Coronado for this year’s Stocktoberfest. So I tried my best to explain our thought process when it comes to analyzing markets as well as our approach to portfolio management. Then we looked at some of our favorite trends and what we’re watching for 2013.

Here is the video of my presentation:

The charts might not be very clear in the video so I posted the slideshow here.



Stocktoberfest Friday Afternoon Part 1 (10.26.12)