Charting Requests From Readers

I hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day weekend. A couple of days ago I asked you guys to send me some charts that you wanted me to take a look at. As I mentioned, this is just my little contribution to what I consider to be the greatest community of market participants that this world has ever seen. I received a ton of requests. But between the comments, tweets and emails I would be here for days if I tried to get through all of them. Thanks you so much for all of your interest.

Here is the video I put together trying to get through as many of your charts as possible. We looked at the Russell2000, 10-yr Treasury Yields, Dollar/Yen, Crude Oil, Silver, First Solar, Agricultural commodities, Apple, Baidu and Boeing among others. This is the first time I ever do a video like this so I hope you enjoy it. I know I personally benefited and generated a few trading ideas from it, so I think we all win here.


I excluded any smoothing mechanisms or standard deviation bands and tried to keep this video’s focus on just price and momentum.