Bartelloni: Watch Palladium and Nasdaq Correlation

These charts were sent to me by a good friend James Bartelloni. He is a U.S. Navy veteran and spent 12 years in the cockpit as a TOPGUN graduate in the F-14. Having graduated from the US Naval Academy with a BS in Mathematics, he later went on earn his Chartered Market Technician Designation. He sometimes uses a bit more of an unconventional approach to technical analysis and calls himself an ‘Intermarket Musician’.

Bart is showing us the positive correlation between the Nasdaq Composite and Palladium. The first chart shows the prices of both over the last year. The Second chart is a longer-term comparison of Apple ($AAPL) and Palladium where he points out that in 2003, the correlation really syncs.

(Click Charts to Embiggen)

Bart suggests watching Palladium. “If it goes down the techs go down. No one really leading, they are a little coincident and very correlated”. Here is the third chart he sent over, this time of Palladium alone. Based on some measured moves, he sees a potential top coming the price of Palladium. (Click Chart to Embiggen)


Thanks for the charts Bart.